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The Queen's Green Canopy in Eastbourne

The Queen's Green Canopy is her chosen way for us to leave a legacy of her Platinum Jubilee – to plant trees and shrubs to celebrate her reign.

Anyone can take part, plant any kind of tree anywhere, and record the planting at queensgreencanopy.org.

In Eastbourne, we have decided to do something rather special.

The King And Queen leave St Mary's Church with their daughters on Sunday 8th March 1936

The Queen spent holidays in Eastbourne as a young girl, and her father formally opened the town's downlands when Eastbourne council bought them in 1929. To leave a lasting legacy of her Jubilee, we are setting out on a 10-year project to regenerate the slopes of the South Downs above Eastbourne, transforming a wilderness of bramble and dead ash into a rich haven for wildlife and a beautiful and engaging experience for us all.

We have designed an avenue of ecologies stretching from Butts Brow at the northern edge of the town to Black Robin Farm near Beachy Head.

Everyone living in Eastbourne in this Jubilee year will be able to reserve their own unique spot on the map. You can name it, record your memories of the Queen, and upload a photograph and description. We want this to become a permanent record of our town and its people in this Jubilee year.

We will be raising money to fund the project through sponsorship – from £10 for a pair of tree seedlings and a place to put them to £1,000 for a three or four-year-old tree in a prominent position on the path. You can also sponsor benches and works of art.

Please let us know if you would like to be involved.

We would like to reserve special places on the avenue for groups of Eastbourne people who share a common interest or identity that they would like to celebrate as part of the Jubilee.


Our tribute to The Queen will be planted over the next 10 years, as the programme of felling the ash allows. In 2022 we expect to plant trees mostly behind the northern section of the Royal Eastbourne Golf Club.

Get Involved

Fundraising for The Queen's Green Canopy in Eastbourne will start formally on 24th March, but there is a lot that you can do before that.

If you would like to help us with fundraising, or in any other way, or to share your views on what we should be planning, please email us at trees@eastbourneqgc.org or drop a note into the box in the community centre at the Beacon.

To register an interest in sponsoring seating or a work of art, please email art@eastbourneqgc.org

To register an interest in sponsoring a tree, and for more detail of our plans as they develop, please fill the form below.

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